Monday, May 23, 2016

Lukas Graham

             Out of all the artists I have done a blog on, I have to say Lukas Graham has to be the one I'm most excited to blog about. His music means so much to me and I'm pretty sure to millions of others.
He might not be as big or worshipped like other artist but his music outweighs the fame of it all. Lukas Graham is a lyrical genius. If you just set aside the music and REALLY capture the lyrics and comprehend it, Lukas Graham will become everything you never knew you needed. He's a Danish pop singer, with lots of soul. Lukas is like a mixture of Andy Grammer and Ed Sheeran but better.
You might have heard his song (7 years) which debuted at number 1 might I add ! His first tour sold over 30,000 tickets without his album even being released yet.
        Lukas knew he was meant for so much greater and he worked hard. The biggest blow for him was the passing of his father, whom he based his album on. On the alvum he mourned his fathers death, cherished his parents advice and speaks about how he wants to be as good as a man as his father was to his own children one day.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Luke Bryan

 Luke Bryan has to be one of the most influential  country artist out there. His music always gets you pumped at a party, making you want to have a good time.Luke Bryan is such a diverse artist , hes able to dive into different genres and still make the music sound amazing.One thing that stands out about Luke Bryan is his charity work.he doesn't just contribute musically ,he also contributes to different foundations.With a net worth of 47 million im pretty sure thats nothing to him but its the thought and care that counts.

                                                        Luke Bryan is known to be named the sexiest country singer right now but its not all about his looks thats impressive its the music sales. With over 7 million albums sold and 27 million singles, Luke Bryan has not only has successful career but an outstanding presence in country music . Not to mention his performance ability to capture the crowds attention .Luke Bryan is an amazing artist who deserves all the success he has.           

Thursday, May 19, 2016


The musical legend, the guitar hero, a true ICON. Prince was able to turn rain purple I mean who could do what prince did? That was a rhetorical question so don't bother answering it. PRINCE was untouchable and his music touched millions. Prince had many great qualities but one thing is for sure he was unique. He spoke his mind and never held his tongue for nobody. I'm pretty much an old soul so I listen to music before my time and when I tell you prince makes you feel so unapologetic. *laughing emoji* Lets not talk about his style....... he had his own walk and talk. That’s what made prince so iconic.

His death left the world is sorrow but he left this world with a beautiful gift .His music and memories. When a legend like this passes we mourn but with each generation we carry on his name with other musical legends like Michael Jackson and David Bowie. Music is a universal form of communication and prince mastered it ! 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Beyonce (lemonade)

First Beyoncé had us drinking watermelon now she has us drinking lemonade. Maybe she hasn't picked her favorite flavor. Either way she dropped some atomic bombs with her new visual album release that aired on HBO.  Bey opened with her sold out show with a solo while kneeling on a stage, dressed in black like the mafia with a head wrap before she began to sing from her single "Pray You Catch Me". The first thing that caught everyone’s attention is the lyrics "You can taste the dishonesty, it's all over your breath." *inserts shocked emoji* *inserts eyes emoji* in that moment I was blessed to NOT be jay-z. Can you imagine having one of the most successful women on the planet as your wife and STILL manage to be unfaithful. The bey hive is FURIOUS. Beyoncé also let jay-z know she carried hot sauce in her bag......Before you ask what does that have to do with his unfaithfulness, hot sauce...wait for it......IS A BAT *laughing while crying emoji x5*. she was basically letting him know you cheat again something’s coming in hot.
Beyonce will most likel win an oscar AND a grammy .The visual album/movie was amazing and well worth the mixed signals.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sam Smith

    Let's talk about the man version of Adele . Sam smith has some vocal chords on him *inserts hand clap emoji*. From pop to down right soul music there isn't any song that Sam smith can put out and it Don't go number 1.Sam smith rose to fame back in October 2012 , when he was featured on Disclosure's breakthrough single "latch" . yes, I'm talking about that song you just couldn't get out your head. The one where as soon as you hear the melody you start screaming the lyrics *im that annoying friend who does that* .from the "NOW I GOT YOUUUUUU IN MY SPACE , O WONT LET GO OF YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" he should have one every Grammy catoforized just for that song I don't what anyone says . 
   That's that face you make when you know from now on nobody's gonna win an award if they are ever in the same catagory you.With four Grammys and no care in the world, sam smith most defiantly has no competion.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Zayn Malik

    From One Direction to going his OWN direction , Zayn Malik has proven himself to be a successful solo artist. Although he might be the Wal-Mart version of both  Justin Timberlake and Nick Jonas, he also has a passion for soul music and wanting to reinvent his image. His album Mind of Mine was released on march 25, and went to number 1 on iTunes. Coming from a very successful boy band, Zayn wanted to venture out and he stated  “I genuinely enjoyed [the band] and did whatever I could to be myself within that, but it’s just not where I sit as a musician,” he says. “The other boys’ taste was generally indie rock. It’s good music, but I don’t f--- with it. That was never cool where I was from.”
Although Zayn gained worldwide stardom from 1D he is most defiantly doing all he has to make sure he is no longer catoforized with the same group .Maybe JUST maybe he will be able to obtain the same amount of stardom as a solo artist this time around.

Monday, March 14, 2016

john mayer

  SWOON!! thats the first thing that comes to my mind when i hear John Mayer sings. He has a mix of Stevie wonder soul and James Morrison raspy voice. John mayer is a very unique artist, although you may not hear his songs on the radio everyday his music is very well known and respected. Songs like "your body is a wonderland" "comfortable" and my all time favorite "gravity". The thing that makes John mayer so unique compared to other musicians is the amount of failed surgeries he underwent to repair a granuloma in his throat. Although adele had surgery and feared her vocals wouldn't be the same either john on the other hand was told by his doctor that it could be years until he could sing again or he may never sing again. finally, in 2012 the surgery went just as planned and blessed the world with his amazing vocals again.

Over the years john has won 7 Grammys and nominated over 8 times. In February 2015, Mayer performed alongside Ed Sheeran at the Grammy awards As of march, He was working on a "deeply personal new album". There is no denying I am super excited for his new upcoming album.

Friday, March 11, 2016


  THE SIX GOD IS WATCHING!!!!!!!! Drake is the go to artist from every type of situation.he literally started from the bottom with his show degrassi too being one of the biggest most well known hip hop slash……. singer?…….. in the business.Also fun fact he's an october baby like me !!! which makes him awwwwwwwwwwwsome!! we keep things balanced in the world.Drake makes music for  weird kids who later glowed up.
Also the thing that makes drake unique is his ability to have a positive perspective of the downside of famishes a successful clothing line designer,actor AND singer/rapper.drake is the worlds only black-jewish rap star.litterally any song drake puts out it goes straight to number one. he could be talking about ham and cheese, trust and believe that song is going to number one. Drake is just the man right now, no denying thatches also the only artist who always openly writes about being the weird kid who is jealous all the time. his hit just this year hotline bling made everyone feel like there hotline bling never rings .

Thursday, March 10, 2016


       Rihanna's music is the type of music that hypes you up for no reason .she is a very diverse artist.She make you wanna work when you are jobless.She make you wanna stand in the sun with an umbrella. Rihanna is one of those musicians that you just cant deny their catchy tunes. Rihanna is from the Caribbean so ofcourse her music is going to be more of a dance hall/ reggae type music.

   I can listen to any Rihanna song at least 50 times, and I am currently winding again. I love when Rihanna gives dancehall vibes. I could take a whole album of this. Her sound is so unique compared to many other artist; that’s what keeps her relevant in the music business. In her recent anticipated album she used a lot of her old heartbreak techniques which brought the sound of her new album a lot closer to her first two albums. And I love that SHE is now the heartbreaker on this album.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


  Adele Has to be the most anticipated artist of this generation. I mean she is the only woman I know who can put out a snippet of her singing the word "hello" and the ENTIRE world freaks out. Half of the time when I simply SPEAK the word hello I don't even get a heyyyy or hiiiiii back. I completely I agree that Adele is one of the best vocalists of our generation. Although her songs may ruin your life you cant help but listen to it. Adele has that kind of music that makes you miss that Random person you made eye contact with in whole foods 7 years ago. Only Adele can make you feel like YOU were the one who was just dumped

Also what makes Adele even More loved( if that's possible) is she seems so down to earth interviews. She seems very goofy and laughs at her own mistakes .Although we may not view Adele as human she sure has some human qualities.
For a woman who basically owns the Grammys, she still manages to make sure her fans knows she's just like them.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


    Did anyone tune into the super bowl last Sunday ? If not you missed Beyoncé's concert with football players running around. Also Coldplay and Bruno mars made an appearance at this Beyoncé bowl and made it even better!!! Although the critics didn't feel Beyoncé's performance was appropriate, in fact they felt it was RACIST!! *drops jaw*

Following this picture from Beyoncé's performance she was criticized because of her backup dancers being dressed as black panthers .

"I think it was outrageous," former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said on Fox News Monday, who said he didn't get it from an artistic standpoint and didn't agree with the pop diva's politics and her support of "Black Lives Matter."
"The halftime show I thought was ridiculous anyway. I don't know what the heck it was. A bunch of people bouncing around and all strange things. It was terrible," Giuliani said.

Of course the New York mayor made headlines after that statement not only because its well about...BEYONCE but also because in my opinion it was ignorant. In the end Beyoncé being Beyoncé she still managed to wow the world with her amazing performance and her announcement of a world tour!!

Friday, January 29, 2016


Lets talk about Kanye !!!! Everyone knows how kayne can be , if kanye could be an emoji he would that brown swirly emoji also known as poop. if you were on twitter being  a waste of life like mwah !! then you would have seen the mess he caused for misreading the initials KK that wiz khalifa tweeted for kim kardashian and well basically telling wiz khalifa he's "worthless and his child should be ashamed oh him and his stripper mother" AND THEN proceeded to say that wiz child wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. if that wasn't a low blow he then realized that he made a mistake and tweeted to quickly and apologized by saying the only good thing wiz has is cool jeans.......

the funniest thing about kanye though, is he thinks everyone is as obsessed with kim kardashian as he is. Yes that's his wife and she is a household name (unfortunately) but does kk automatically means kim kardashian?  will there ever be a time when kayne realizes that he isn't the most powerful man ?
Will the world even care when he does? *inserts laughing emoji*  life Is a weird game.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Modern musicians

    Am I the only person who things Todays modern musicians have forgotten about the music prospect and is more about the paycheck they receive. For example Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas is charging fans 10,000 $ just to meet them backstage. Albums now cost around 15 depending on how the pop fans relate to it.
    Me personally I love artist that was before me like John lennon, Elton john,
Céline Dion, Whitney Houston etc. Even though some artist are still alive they are not praised as highly as they should be or I should say there music is not well accepted in this modern society. Even Elton john stated the following.
He complained that "modern music stars lack the ‘soul and humanity’ of singers such as Judy Garland and Nina Simone.
Sir Elton, said: ‘Everything’s too flawless now. Everything’s autotuned, there’s no trace of humanity.
‘If you go and see a Britney Spears concert, you might as well stay at home and watch the video.’
       Modern musicians no longer have the love for music that previous musicians had or have had. we have artist like one direction who quite frankly needs to go in the opposite direction, making unimportant "music" . The sad part is this generation allows it.