Thursday, May 5, 2016

Beyonce (lemonade)

First Beyoncé had us drinking watermelon now she has us drinking lemonade. Maybe she hasn't picked her favorite flavor. Either way she dropped some atomic bombs with her new visual album release that aired on HBO.  Bey opened with her sold out show with a solo while kneeling on a stage, dressed in black like the mafia with a head wrap before she began to sing from her single "Pray You Catch Me". The first thing that caught everyone’s attention is the lyrics "You can taste the dishonesty, it's all over your breath." *inserts shocked emoji* *inserts eyes emoji* in that moment I was blessed to NOT be jay-z. Can you imagine having one of the most successful women on the planet as your wife and STILL manage to be unfaithful. The bey hive is FURIOUS. Beyoncé also let jay-z know she carried hot sauce in her bag......Before you ask what does that have to do with his unfaithfulness, hot sauce...wait for it......IS A BAT *laughing while crying emoji x5*. she was basically letting him know you cheat again something’s coming in hot.
Beyonce will most likel win an oscar AND a grammy .The visual album/movie was amazing and well worth the mixed signals.

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  1. lemonade crunchy ice, lemonade crunchy ice, sip it once sip it twice, lemonade crunchy ice!!!