Monday, May 23, 2016

Lukas Graham

             Out of all the artists I have done a blog on, I have to say Lukas Graham has to be the one I'm most excited to blog about. His music means so much to me and I'm pretty sure to millions of others.
He might not be as big or worshipped like other artist but his music outweighs the fame of it all. Lukas Graham is a lyrical genius. If you just set aside the music and REALLY capture the lyrics and comprehend it, Lukas Graham will become everything you never knew you needed. He's a Danish pop singer, with lots of soul. Lukas is like a mixture of Andy Grammer and Ed Sheeran but better.
You might have heard his song (7 years) which debuted at number 1 might I add ! His first tour sold over 30,000 tickets without his album even being released yet.
        Lukas knew he was meant for so much greater and he worked hard. The biggest blow for him was the passing of his father, whom he based his album on. On the alvum he mourned his fathers death, cherished his parents advice and speaks about how he wants to be as good as a man as his father was to his own children one day.

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