Friday, May 20, 2016

Luke Bryan

 Luke Bryan has to be one of the most influential  country artist out there. His music always gets you pumped at a party, making you want to have a good time.Luke Bryan is such a diverse artist , hes able to dive into different genres and still make the music sound amazing.One thing that stands out about Luke Bryan is his charity work.he doesn't just contribute musically ,he also contributes to different foundations.With a net worth of 47 million im pretty sure thats nothing to him but its the thought and care that counts.

                                                        Luke Bryan is known to be named the sexiest country singer right now but its not all about his looks thats impressive its the music sales. With over 7 million albums sold and 27 million singles, Luke Bryan has not only has successful career but an outstanding presence in country music . Not to mention his performance ability to capture the crowds attention .Luke Bryan is an amazing artist who deserves all the success he has.           

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  1. Luke Bryan is the cutest thing ever! I also love listening to his music he's very talented